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adjusted bounce is defined as 'bounces excluding the single page visits that have finished some interactions on the page'; for instance, single page visits that stay longer than 15 seconds, or trigger an ajax event; I want these visits to be excluded from bounce rate calculation

I know in GA it can be adjusted quite easily by customizing the GATC, but I haven't found anything about Sitecatalyst, does anyone have any idea?


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In SiteCatalyst, a "bounce" is considered a single image request (no other calls, not even custom links). Based on what you're looking for, I'd anticipate this is the segment you're looking for:

Include all visits where time spent on page is greater than 15 seconds
Exclude all visits where path length is greater than 1

Keep in mind this cannot include single page visits that did not send a custom link image request, nor can it track visits where more than one s.t() call was fired. It only includes visits where a single s.t() was fired, and at least one custom link.

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