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I am acquiring speed value in my BlackBerry App through;

double velocity   = location.getSpeed();

However, I am confused what is the unit of measurement for the returned speed. Is it kilometer per hour or meter per second? It is a double value. Does this mean it has no unit of measurement? Kindly explain.

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See javadoc for Location#getSpeed() here, which states unit are m/s. Also, getSpeed() returns a float. Best to use floats if that's all the precision you have anyway. –  Nate Apr 5 '13 at 21:18

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The output value velocity will be in m/s. To get the speed you will need to do this:

int speed = location.getSpeed();

which is in m/s, if you need to convert it to km/h use this:

int speed=(int) ((location.getSpeed()*3600)/1000);

if you need to convert it to mph use this:

int speed=(int) (location.getSpeed()*2.2369);
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In addition to the answer of Signare:

Generally whenever a unit is not defined / documented it should be one of the Base Units or Derived Units of the International System of Units

Since speed is distance per time, the derived SI unit is m/s.

If software would use unit km/h or miles for a public parameter called speed and that without documentation, it would be a really bad piece of software.

Furthermore, to convert m/s to km/h, it's better to simply mutiply by 3.6 - that is much more readable than 3600/1000, which is a cause of error, too (can result in an integer value)

double speedKmh = location.getSpeed() * 3.6;

To avoid confusing yourself, you better use the name speedKmh instead of speed, if it is not m/s.

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