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I have a Dto like this:

[Route("/clients/", HttpMethods.Post)]
[Route("/clients/{Dummy}", HttpMethods.Post)]
public class ClientPostDto : IReturnVoid
    public string Dummy { get; set; }

And the post method in my service:

public class ClientService : Service
    public void Post(ClientPostDto request)
        // do some stuff

Is it possible to merge these two routings?

So the following two POST request are handled by the same Method in my Service:


I won't need the Dummy property at all, because the clients are stored in a list with the full path.

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You can use the magic {ignore} literal instead, i.e. if you want to specify a wildcard without needing to specify an existing property, e.g:

[Route("/clients/{ignore}", "POST")]
public class ClientPostDto : IReturnVoid {}
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Thanks, that solved my problem. –  kusi581 Apr 8 '13 at 6:16

That should just work. But you should keep the dummy variable so you know what has been requested perhaps retitled to ClientIdentifier.

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