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Essentially I have an img tag with a src attribute of /ChartImg.axd?i=chart_0_0.png&g=06469eea67ea452b977f8e73cad70691. Do I need to create another WebRequest to get the content of this resource or is there a simpler way?

I am scraping the output of the current request. Below is what I've got so far...

Essentially my additionaAssets will contain in some instances the relative Uri for a .axd resource. I would like to include that content in the archive I am building.

    private void ProcessPrintRequest()
        this.Response.ContentType = "application/zip";
        this.Response.AddHeader("Content-Disposition", "attachment;filename=archive.zip");

        using (var stream = new ZipOutputStream(new ZeroByteStreamWrapper(this.Response.OutputStream)))

            var additionalAssets = new PathNormailzationDictionary();

            this.ExportDocument(stream, additionalAssets);
            this.ExportAdditionalAssets(stream, additionalAssets);


    private void ExportAdditionalAssets(ZipOutputStream stream, PathNormailzationDictionary additionalAssets)
        var buffer = new byte[32 * 1024];
        int read;

        // TODO: Request content of .axd resources
        foreach (var item in additionalAssets.Where(item => File.Exists(Server.MapPath(item.Key))))
            var entry = new ZipEntry(item.Value);


            using (var fileStream = File.OpenRead(Server.MapPath(item.Key))) 
                while ((read = fileStream.Read(buffer, 0, buffer.Length)) > 0)
                    stream.Write(buffer, 0, read);

    private void ExportDocument(ZipOutputStream stream, PathNormailzationDictionary additionalAssets)
        var entry = new ZipEntry("index.html");


        var document = this.GetNormalizedDocument(additionalAssets);

        var writer = new StreamWriter(stream);

    private string GetNormalizedDocument(PathNormailzationDictionary additionalAssets);
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Yes, you have to create another webrequest. Any given HTML page consists of multiple http requests; one for the html page, then another for each external SRC. No getting away from it.


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