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I am kind of stuck with this error. Postgres is running, the Rails server too, and I get the following NoMethodError on any page:

undefined method `result' for #<TypeError: wrong argument type nil (expected Array)> 

The application trace is not really explicit:

config/environments/development.rb:45:in `call'

Extracted source (around line #45):

   previous_level = Rails.logger.level
   Rails.logger.level = Logger::ERROR if env['PATH_INFO'].index("/assets/") == 0
   Rails.logger.level = previous_level

It might be related to the PostgreSQL adapter.

Any idea how to solve this?

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Ok, just got it after a while of tracking down to the bug source: it was a problem of character encoding between US-ASCII and UTF-8... a 'space' was not really a 'space' in my Gemfile.

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