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I have 3 objects (a photo and 2 plots) to put into subplots on one figure. It should look like this:


But as one can notice, the photo should not be square but rectangle. I tried to make it this way (found here Matlab: How to align the axes of subplots when one of them contains a colorbar?):

main=subplot(4,4,[5,6,7,9,10,11,13,14,15])  %photo
pion=subplot(4,4,[8,12,16]); %right plot (rotated)
view(90, 90)
poz=subplot(4,4,1:3); %upper plot


pos1(3) = pos2(3); %width for the upper plot
pos3(4) = pos2(4); %height for the right plot

All I get is like this: image

How can I force the upper plot to have the width as the photo itself (not as the photo subplot)? Setting the equal widths of the subplots doesn't work, as the photo doesn't fill the subplot area.

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The command axis image adjust the image axis ratio. So, in principle, if you adjust the plot ratios of the two plots to the same ratio, it will do what you want.

There is one caveat; the image is inherently 3 times wider or higher than the plots, due to the fact that you've plotted it in 3x3 subplots, vs 1x3 for the top and 3x1 for the right plots. So, you'll have to divide either the x or y ratios of the plots by 3.

Some example code:

clc, clf

% generate some bogus data

ypion = rand(500,1);
Ppion = 450*rand(500,1);

xpoz  = rand(500,1);
Ppoz  = 450*rand(500,1);

% Load photo
photoSub = subplot(4,4,[5,6,7,9,10,11,13,14,15]);
load mandrill
photo = imagesc([X,X]);

axis image 

photoAxs = gca;
photoAxsRatio = get(photoAxs,'PlotBoxAspectRatio')

% right plot 
rightAxs = gca;
axis tight

% upper plot
subplot(4,4,[1 2 3]);
topAxs = gca;
axis tight

% adjust ratios
topAxsRatio = photoAxsRatio;
topAxsRatio(2) = photoAxsRatio(2)/3.8;    % NOTE: not exactly 3...
set(topAxs,'PlotBoxAspectRatio', topAxsRatio)

rightAxsRatio = photoAxsRatio;
rightAxsRatio(1) = photoAxsRatio(1)/3.6;  % NOTE: not exactly 3...
set(rightAxs,'PlotBoxAspectRatio', rightAxsRatio)

This gives the following result:

Side by Side

Just to test, changing photo = imagesc([X,X]); to photo = imagesc([X;X]); gives this:


Note that I did not divide the ratios by 3 exactly; it only came out OK if I used factors closer to 4. I do not know why that is; AFAIK, a factor of 3 should do the trick...

Oh well, at least you have something to work with now :)

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Thanks, this works. I spent some time practising it ;) The "not 3" factor is quite mysterious. –  Slav Apr 8 '13 at 8:25
@Slav: Indeed...perhaps it indicates my reasoning is flawed, but anyway, as long as it works, we can postpone getting a proper understanding :) When you ever do understand why the not-3 should be used, please share it here :) –  Rody Oldenhuis Apr 8 '13 at 10:28

For this particular case I suggest using low-level axes directly instead of high-level subplot.
Use the 'OuterPosition' properties of the three axes objects you create to place them in the right place with the appropriate size.

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If you want the image to be aligned to the axes(distorted image):

change axis('image') to axis('tight') .

If you want the image aspect ratio to remain, and to align the axes to the image:

Well this is quick and dirty, but after applying axis('tight'), resize the figure to the appropriate scale...

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Indeed, that's the simplest solution, however, it distorts the image; this I think is not what the OP wants. –  Rody Oldenhuis Apr 4 '13 at 10:49
Right, the image doesn't have a proper aspect ratio. –  Slav Apr 8 '13 at 8:27

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