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I want to have async disk read in my program.

There are many HDD on server and if one hdd is slow, program is blocking. I want to make calls async.

If I call:


and then pread, then pread uses up to 8000 microseconds, but blocks my program.

Is it possible to enable async disk read without thread pool?

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The O_NONBLOCK flag doesn't have any effect (in most cases at least) for normal files because they are not considered to be something where I/O can block - yes it will block for the length of time taken to read the data from the disk but it won't block for indefinite periods of time like a socket or pipe might.

One exception is when mandatory locking is enabled - then a read or write of a locked region might block for an indefinite period (until the lock is released) and O_NONBLOCK will affect how such calls behave.

As to whether asynchronous I/O is possible without threads, the answer is yes (see aio(7) or io_setup(2), io_submit(2) and friends) but I'd be surprised if you see much benefit from it.

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