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I have created a tabular form in Microsoft Access 2007. On the form is a textbox, and I wish to filter the items in the form.

The problem is that one of the fields in the form is a foreign key which references a linked table holding Company names.

When I run the code below, and type a company name in the text box + hit return, I am only able to search for numeric values that correspond to the company name:

Private Sub Text22_AfterUpdate()
Dim mFilter As String
Dim mQuery1 As String

If IsNull(Me.Text22) Then
    mQuery1 = ""
    mQuery1 = Me.Text22
End If

mFilter = "[ID] Like ""*" & mQuery1 & "*"""
mFilter = (mFilter + " OR ") & "[Supplier] Like ""*" & mQuery1 & "*"""

temp = MsgBox(mFilter, vbOKOnly)

Me.Filter = mFilter
Me.FilterOn = True
End Sub
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The easiest way to solve this is to include the company name that you want to filter on in the query linked to the tabular form. Something like:

SELECT Invoice.ID, 
FROM   Invoice
  INNER JOIN Supplier ON Supplier.ID = Invoice.SupplierID

Then, if you do not want to display the field CompanyName, you can always hide that column in the datasheet form.
I usually hide the ID from reports as I only use them for identifying records internally to the database and make foreign relationships, the ID of each table is never shown to my users.

If your form is wired differently, then please amend your question with more information and a screenshot so we can answer you more accurately.

A small remarks regarding the code you provided:
you should be careful constructing your filter like you do: if the user types a ", your filter query will break. You should escape the user's input and sanitize it a bit.
At least do a mQuery1 = Replace(Text22, """", "").
Similarly, if the user starts/ends his filter with a *, the query will probably won't work.

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