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I have defined the following model:

App.Node = DS.Model.extend({
    type: DS.attr('string'),
    name: DS.attr('string')

The data for this model can be retrieved via REST in api/nodes.

Now I have similar data which can be found in api/phonenumbers. The structure of the data is the same, so I wanted to reuse the model. I have defined:

App.Phonenumber = App.Node;

But this is not working. The request is still being sent to api/nodes for this model. Why? How can I reuse models?

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i think App.Phonenumber = App.Node.extend({}); might do the trick.

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Can you ask 'Is Phonenumber a Node?' In your context?

If yes, than extension is your solution.

If not, then you probably can ask 'Does a Phonenumber resemble a Node?'.

In that case, I would do the following:

var genericNameConfig = {
  type : DS.attr('string'),
  name : DS.attr('string')

App.Node        = DS.Model.extend(genericNameConfig);
App.Phonenumber = DS.Model.extend(genericNameConfig);
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