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I'm tring to use Kendo UI Grid component and need to create my custom row template. Actually the gird is really awasome and usage is so cool. But some how I could'nt get display my custom row template.

I need the whole model (I mean whole entity object to display aditional data but not display titles for them on column headers, like images of sub-itmes), so I'm trying to use RowTemplate(System.Action<T>) method that passes each entity for each row. For aspx pages, there is an example on their site as below:

<%= Html.Kendo().Grid(Model)
    .RowTemplate(o =>
    <%= o.Name %>
    <%= o.Age %>

But how to do this with razor? I couldn't get it. Should I use WriteLiteral or what? How to use Action<T> to display razor templates?

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In razor you must use a template delegate:

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Actually I've tried it. But when I use a foreach loop in the Func<T,object> template RowTemplate confuses about the template and behaves like RowTemplate(Action<T>) overriden one. Then I seperated the Func<T,object> to a different code block and passed it as a parameter to RowTemplate method. I've solved it like this. –  Halil Ibrahim Apr 5 '13 at 7:21

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