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I'm trying to force an install of the Outlook Laptop client for CRM 3.0 on a Windows 8 machine. I get so far but then it won't recognize that .Net 2 is installed. I think because it wants it to be installed by User and as it's part of the .Net 3.5 Windows features it cannot find it in installed programs list.

I have tried to install .Net 2.0 separately, but it does not work whether I have the features turned off or on. It fails if I try and install when .Net 3.5 features are turned off and using compatibility settings. If turned on it tells me that it's already installed as part of operating system. I have also turned off compatibility checking in Group policy.

Could the issue be because there is a .Net V4 folder in C:/ and registry entries for it?

Is there a way to stop windows installer searching for installed programs when running?

I managed to bypass these issues on Windows 7 but installing .Net 1.1 and 2.0 directly - I have installed .Net 1.1 directly and that worked fine.

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I have found an answer in a Dynamics community site. This solution worked on my Windows 8.1 64 bit:

The problem is this registry key (in 64-bit Windows 8):


For some reason the installer wants to open it in Read/Write mode and gets an Access Denied which makes the installer think .NET 2 is not there. In order to fix this I had to take ownership of the key and set Full Control to my user.

The original post is below:


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You are right kleopatra. I have edited my answer and put the solution into the answer. –  Rumi Jan 22 at 7:28

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