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I am trying to enable the next tab at the end of the function below.

Here is my function (UPDATED)

var $signup = $('#signup-content').tabs({disabled: [1,2],
  show: function(event, ui) {
        // Validates Form on Slide # 1
    	meta: "validate",
    	errorElement: "em",
                errorClass: "error",
    	validClass: "success",
    	highlight: function(element, errorClass, validClass) {
    	unhighlight: function(element, errorClass, validClass) {
    	errorPlacement: function(error, element) {
        	if (element.attr("name") == "month"
                 || element.attr("name") == "day"
                 || element.attr("name") == "year")
                groups: {birthday: "month day year"
    	rules: {
        	email: {required: true, email: true},
        	confirm_email: {required: true, equalTo: "#email"},
        	password:{required: true},
        	confirm_password:{required: true,equalTo: "#password"},
        	zipcode: {required:true, min:5},
    	messages: {
    	month: {required: "Month Is Missing"},
    	day: {required: "Day Is Missing"},
    	year: {required: "Year Is Missing"}

               submitHandler: function(form) {
    		 beforeSubmit:  function showRequest(formData, jqForm, options) {
                         var queryString = $.param(formData);
                         alert('About to submit: \n\n' + queryString);
                         return true;
               success: function showResponse(formData) {
                       $('html, body').animate({scrollTop:'0px'}, 500);
                       $signup.tabs('option', 'enabled', [1]); 
                       $signup.tabs('select', 1); // Go To Slide # 2
                       $('#message-container').addClass("notice").append('<h3>Your Account Has Been Created!</h3><a href="javascript:;" id="close"><img src="/assets/images/close.png" alt="Close" title="Close"/></a>');
                       $('#message-container').fadeIn(1200, function(){
                       return false;}});}});
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According to the instructions, you can't use:

$signup.tabs('option', 'enabled', [1]);

but instead use:

$signup.data('disabled.tabs', []);

what that does is clear the list of disabled tabs.

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this worked for me, at least with version 1.7 :

$signup.tabs('enable', 1);
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You can also use the syntax: $("#my_tabs").tabs('enable', "thisTab"); if you have named tabs. –  mpemburn Sep 5 '12 at 15:09

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