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I'm wondering if anyone has done this already.

I want to format C# source code in HTML. But with a twist! I want to turn the names of all types and methods that appear in the code into hyperlinks to the MSDN Library documentation of the types and methods.

To do a good job, the data types of variables and expressions needs to be known, just like how the C# compiler does it. So it's a tall order. If something like this is not available, please point me to any free libraries that can generate a parsed tree of the C# source code in sufficient detail to do this task. (In fact, I'd like to know about such a standalone parser library even if the full solution I am asking for already exists.)

This kind of utility might benefit blogs and forums -- maybe even Stack Overflow!

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You know you can press F12 to go to the definition which will contain the comments that are generated for display in the MSDN Library, right? –  Noon Silk Dec 16 '09 at 2:03

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Have you checked out Docu? It's an open source library that converts .net documentation into HTML documents.

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I'm not trying to convert .NET documentation into HTML. I am trying to convert method names in the source itself into hyperlinks to the existing MSDN Library documentation. –  Jason Kresowaty Oct 16 '09 at 23:45

I'd suggest using the Visual Studio SDK.

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