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I have to use a c++ DLL in c# and I have to import in my c# program this function defined in the c++ DLL:

void rtdGetSkillsetListResult(bool success, const std::list <skillset_info> skillsetList)

How can I "translate" in c#

const std::list <skillset_info>

where skillset_info has defined in c++ dll with the following structure:

struct skillset_info
   std::string code;
   bool standby; 

Thanks a lot!

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Managed C# code cannot consume unmanaged C++ objects like std::list. So you cannot use the unmanaged DLL directly from C#.

The simplest solution will be to make a C++/CLI layer that adapts from unmamaged to managed.

Another option would be to adapt the unmamaged code so that it was callable with p/invoke but I think that would involve more effort than C++/CLI.

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Thanks a lot David! I'll make a C++/CLI Layer. – LukeT Apr 4 '13 at 14:39

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