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First of all, I do all my coding strictly in code view in Dreamweaver for a good few years now. I could do all my coding in Notepad, but Notepad doesn't have any features. :) I've never thought of changing because I just got used to Dreamweaver over time. But now it's starting to irritate me here and there. I also want to switch to a more lightweight editor.

What I don't like in Dreamweaver is that tabs can't automatically be changed to spaces (very annoying, any solutions are welcome too). It also creates a lot of useless whitespace everywhere.

I love Dreamweaver's automatic auto complete for html and css, this speeds up my coding very much because I don't have to type out every character. I've tried some other editors, but I really miss this feature. Dreamweaver also auto completes css classes from included css files in the header.

Is there any other editor that has similar features? Free or license is fine. I like Sublime Text (http://www.sublimetext.com/).


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I went for PhpStorm eventually. Love it!

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Notepad++ is the best for Window: http://notepad-plus.sourceforge.net/uk/site.htm

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I've came to a solution that, though it's not lighter than Dreamweaver (as you requested), is very robust, works like a charm and was quite a productivity boost!

Check out:

Eclipse + Aptana as a plug-in (how to auto-upload on save)

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I use Aptana too! Like its auto complete and ftp integration :) A very good open source project. – Andy Li Nov 2 '09 at 17:25
@Andy Li, with a few Tweaks Eclipse + Aptana can be almost whatever you want them to be. A great project. – Frankie Nov 2 '09 at 17:34

If you enjoy html markup completion then snippets in Textmate for Mac is amazing. I use it all the time for all my HTML and CSS work. However if you are a windows person I hear E-TextEditor is the best replacement for Textmate. Both require licenses.

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You might be interested in HTML-Kit.

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Microsoft Expression Web. It is not free...

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I have tried PHP Designer 7 and it rocks with its features. Most of all, you get autocomplete for methods / variables in PHP classes.

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If you use a PC, you could try out VisualStudio express / Visual Web Developer, which is free. http://www.microsoft.com/express/product/

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If your real trouble is tabbing and spacing the you could actualy try to modify those settings at Edit > Preference > Code formatt. this should help. Once you modify the setting apply it to the page.


You could also look at Netbeans is a powerful tool too. Buts its a bit heavy weight. If you want it only for HTML purpose , then while installing do not install unnecessary modules.

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Did you try Stylizer from skybound.ca? I've been using it and you can visually modify the CSS or code it using the side bar. Works pretty good but is not as feature rich as Dreamweaver.

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