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strftime('%s', 'now', 'start of month') AND strftime('%s', 'now', 'start of month', '+1 month', '-1 day')

this gives me range between first and last day of current month. How can I get range of current week?


 strftime('%s', 'now', 'weekday 0')

gives seems to give last day of current week(Sunday), but I can't find how to get first day of current week.

PS: I use strftime in WHERE clause accessing DB in Sqlite

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Try this:

strftime('%s', 'now', 'weekday 0', '-1 week', '+1 day')

strftime('%s', 'now', 'weekday 0', '-1 day')

weekday modifier advances the date forward to the next date where the weekday number is N. Sunday is 0, ...

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I did almost the same - strftime('%s', 'now', 'weekday 0', '-6 day') :-) –  Littlebitter Apr 8 '13 at 15:33

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