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In my website users can UPDATE they profile (manual) every time he want, or automatic once a day.

This task is being distributed with celery now.

But i have a "problem" :

Every day, in automatic update, a job put ALL users (+-6k users) on queue:

from celery import group
from tasks import *
import datetime
from lastActivityDate.models import UserActivity

today   = datetime.datetime.today()
one_day = datetime.timedelta(days=5)
today -= one_day

print datetime.datetime.today()

user_list = UserActivity.objects.filter(last_activity_date__gte=today)
g = group(update_user_profile.s(i.user.auth.username) for i in user_list)

print datetime.datetime.today()
print g(user_list.count()).get()

If someone try to do the manual update, they will enter on te queue and last forever to be executed.

Is there a way to set this manual task to run in a piority way? Or make a dedicated for each separated queue: manual and automatic?

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you can limit the number of tasks executed, for example in hour. Then another tasks... Read their documentation... –  catherine Apr 4 '13 at 11:56
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Celery does not support task priority. (v3.0)


You may solve this probrem by routing tasks.


Prepare default and priority_high Queue.


Run two daemon.

user@x:/$ celery worker -Q priority_high
user@y:/$ celery worker -Q default,priority_high

And route task.

your_task.apply_async(args=['...'], queue='priority_high')
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