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I have CakePHP website I want to display Google map and marker in given address on my CakePHP application.

Is there any plugin available to display address in Google map.

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You can use Cake helper, but the primary of problem is JavaScript, check Google Developers site with examples – kicaj Apr 4 '13 at 12:14

You can also use CakePHP-GoogleMapHelper that will geocode the address on the fly and add it to your map. You would do something like this: (see more details on the link shared)

<?= $this->GoogleMap->addMarker("map_canvas", 1, "1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, California"); ?>
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You probably did not even try to google. Or you would have stumpled upon at least a dozen plugins/solutions.

Check this one out:

// include jquery js
$this->Html->script('jquery', array('inline' => false));

// include the google js code
$this->Html->script($this->GoogleMapV3->apiUrl(), array('inline' => false));

// echo the div container to display the map in
echo $this->GoogleMapV3->map(array('div'=>array('height'=>'400', 'width'=>'100%')));

$options = array(
    'lat' => 48.95145,
    'lng' => 11.6981,
    'title' => 'Some title', // optional
    'content' => '<b>HTML</b> Content for the Bubble/InfoWindow' // optional

// finalize js
// Make sure you got `echo $this->Js->writeBuffer(array('inline' => true));` somewhere in your layout then

If you do not have the lat/lng yet, you can either geocode via JS at runtime or use Cake to do so:

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