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I want to be able in browsing bar see full path to some product. The path would look like this

At this moment I have just It just provides with one level path, that I don't need.

To build these friendly links I used friendly_id. And full categorization function I created using gem called Ancestry.

How can I modify friendly_id slug so that I can show the full path? I know how the friendly_id works, but I don't know how to change the way how slug is generated.

Some guys could just give me link or tip to search for. I can work it out, I just need idea. I would be very greatfull :) :)

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You can pass a method for the gem to use, as in:

extend FriendlyId
friendly_id :method_name, use: :slugged

def method_name

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You're probably looking for nested resouces. If both models (category, subcategory) have slugs, nesting them in your routes.rb file should do the trick:

resources :categories do
  resources :subcategories
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