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I have 5(any number) android applications which will share some data.

Now when 1st/2nd/3rd..(i couldn't know) android application will get installed by user, it will save a string in the memory(internal memory),

When any other application will get installed, it should know that one of the app has already written data and now it should act as user of this data.

To sum up, first app installed will act as provider and others as users...but all the applications can be potential provider and other as users..

Is this feasible?

i tried using file/shared preference/content providers...but in file, you should know file path before using it which is dependent on package name..

In shared preference, we have to create package context.. In content provider, we have to import provider package..

My real motive is, actually in each app, i register the user first time...

now i want , if user install 2nd app from me, it can just use data of first app and do not ask for register..

but the problem is i don't know which app will be installed first by user.. Please help if i can use some other approach??

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i found one thread related to this...

https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups=#!topic/android-developers/W-oOa0x9amg http://android.bigresource.com/Android-How-to-share-data-between-applications-with-no-dependency-HRMMGMIkL.html

This thread pretty much answers my question, in terms of feasibility and options i have for this scenario.

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