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One of the dimension in my schema is a modeled as an snowflake schema with the following table structure:

fact table -> criteria_value -> criteria -> Domain

Mondrian schema :

  <Dimension type="StandardDimension" foreignKey="id_value" highCardinality="false" name="Researched Value">
      <Hierarchy name="Researched Value" hasAll="true" primaryKey="id_va" primaryKeyTable="criteria_value">
        <Join leftAlias="criteria_value" leftKey="id_va" rightAlias="criteria" rightKey="id_c">
          <Table name="criteria_value">
          <Join leftAlias="criteria" leftKey="id_c" rightAlias="domain" rightKey="id_domain">
            <Table name="criteria" alias="">
            <Table name="domain" alias="">
        <Level name="Domain" table="domain" column="desc_d_Eng" type="String" uniqueMembers="true" levelType="Regular" hideMemberIf="Never">
        <Level name="Criteria" table="criteria" column="desc_c_Eng" uniqueMembers="false">
        <Level name="Value" table="criteria_value" column="desc_va_Eng" uniqueMembers="false">

the problem is that when trying with an MDX query in Mondrian Workbench :

 {[Researched Value].[Mobile services].operator} ON ROWS

i can get see the values corresponding ("Mobile services" and "operator" are the first members of levels "Domain" and " Criteria" respectively

but when trying for example:

 {[Researched Value].[Mobile services].internet} ON ROWS

i got:

Mondrian Error:MDX object '[Researched Value].[Mobile services].[internet]' not found in cube 'Recherche'

while "internet" is a member in "criteria" level (but it's not the first one)

why i can't see all members of my levels? can u help me plz?

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I think that you're missing the level's name in your MDX identifier. The correct syntax would be:

[Hierarchy Name].[Level Name].[Member Name] (.[Child Member Name])

Try this instead:

{[Researched Value].[Criteria].[Internet]}
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