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Alright, here's what I'm facing:

I have made an app for my facebook fan page, my app is a Facebook Page Tab app.

I have added the application to my facebook page by following:


respectively, entering:


and choosing which page to be added to.

When I have done this I did it with my Facebook Page Admin user.

I have allowed manage_pages and publish_stream and publish_actions permissions.

Here is my code:

$objFacebook = App_Utils_Facebook::getFacebook();

    $user_id = $objFacebook->getUser();

        $arrPriv = $objFacebook->api("/".$_REQUEST['pageId']."/", array('fields'=>'access_token'));
        $link = 'http://link/here/'.$this->objAnunt->id;

    $privacy = json_encode(array('value'=>'SELF'));

        $access_token = $arrPriv['access_token'];
        $access_token = $objFacebook->api("/".$_REQUEST['pageId']."/", array('fields'=>'access_token'));


                               For more details click here  '.$link,
        }catch(FacebookApiException $e) {
            echo $e;
            $permissions = $objFacebook->api("/me/permissions");
            if( !array_key_exists('publish_stream', $permissions['data'][0]) ||
            !array_key_exists('manage_pages', $permissions['data'][0])) {
                // We don't have one of the permissions
                // Alert the admin or ask for the permission!
                header( "Location: " . $objFacebook->getLoginUrl(array("scope" => "publish_stream, manage_pages")) );

So I repeat myself, I want to allow the average user to access my application and THE PAGE ITSELF to post on it's own wall.

Can I do it? If not are there any alternatives.

Thank you for your time and patience to help me figure this out!

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As far as I know, you do not need the manage_pages permission to post to a page.

Please see this documentation.

Making an API call to /{page_id}/feed using a valid user access_token should be enough to post to a page's feed.

As mentioned in the comments, Facebook probably doesn't allow a common user to upload photos to a page's albums. You'll need an access_token from an admin of that page (ensuring that the manage_pages permission is granted), retrive the page access token, and upload photos that way.

That page access token should be good for the life of the user access token.

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well It doesn't! Using any other user AND providing that user access_token, I cannot post to /{page_id}/photos. –  Gabriel Apr 4 '13 at 13:12
Ah, photos. In that case, it seems like Facebook does not allow the average user to upload photos to a page's albums. You'll need to make the /{page_id]/photos call using a page access token retrieved via a user with the manage_pages permission. –  Julian H. Lam Apr 4 '13 at 13:16
Ok, I've managed to get that access_token and indeed with the access_token of the admin, it publishes in the correct location. But, the question remains, can I store this access_token for later use so my application can function flawlesly? Thanks! –  Gabriel Apr 8 '13 at 13:52
Yes indeed. The page access token (I believe) doesn't expire, or is it does, then it will expire if the user token expires. It should be good for between 60-90 days. –  Julian H. Lam Apr 8 '13 at 20:34
Thanks, update your answer so I can choose it :) –  Gabriel Apr 9 '13 at 10:23

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