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I am having a wierd error and jQuery not working depending on how the url is written.

if the url is


all is good. BUT if the url is


jQuery doesn't seem to load correctly and I get a "$ is not defined" error in fireBug

I can't use the standard ?= query string I need to be able to use the re-write method.

Any ideas are appriciated Lance

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What does your <script src="..."> say? I have a feeling it's looking for /index.cfm/jquery.js which doesn't exist.

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yup it was a bonehead mistake. Thanks for the correction – Lance Oct 17 '09 at 1:23

Sorry this was a reference issue to the files. Evendently in that re-write sytle the dom is still trying to navigate the file system starting in the /show_about-us/ directory which isn't truely a directory.

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That's it. @recursive got it in one.

Consider using the absolute path from the root of your domain in src attributes. For example: <script src="/jquery.js">

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