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Right now I'm building a Joomla-website for a photographer. A component out there that offers the best options on lay-out and settings to do so is called DatsoGallery. The gallery offers you to create categories, subcategories and it even has an option to let you download the photographs only after payment with PayPal. One other great feature is the transaction-log. After payment with PayPal, it shows you who downloaded which photo at which time, etc.

You can turn on or turn off the 'payed downloads with PayPal'-option. In that case, there appears a download-button at each photograph, which lets you download it. On extend: in that scenario you can turn on or turn off the 'downloads for public'- or 'downloads for registered only'-option.

Now here's the thing (and my 2 questions):

It's quite a big component with a lot of code in different files. Since I'm a beginner, I'm not experienced enough to adjust the things I would like to change.

1) Would it be possible to rebuild the transaction-log part and combine it to the non-'payed downloads with PayPal'-option? So people can download photographs for free, but I'm still able to see which user downloaded which file at which time.

2) In that case, I can only choose between public or registered as for 'who' can download the photographs for free with 'just' the download-button-option. Is there a way to add an option so I can select which 'level' (or/and) usergroup can download for free.

In the end, this would be the situation, when the site is up and running:

Situation 1 (companies/membership-users)

These people need to register on the website and can download seperate or multiple photographs with the download-button.

They receive an invoice by the end of the month (based upon the transaction-log that now isn't only combined to the PayPal-system no more).

Situation 2 (single customers)

These people need to register on the website and can buy seperate (or multiple) photographs by paying for each photograph.

It would be great if I can run the PayPal and non-PayPal system back to back here. So people in situation 2 will be shown the cart/shop-option and people in situation 1 will automatically skipp the PayPal-function. They can download all they want and receive an invoice by the end of the month (based upon the transaction-log that now isn't only combined to the PayPal-system no more).

Before I drop in some code, I was wondering if all these options would be small adjustments (to make with the help of stackoverflow) or that this would be too large.

Thanks so much :)

P.S. there is an alternative option for now to use. I can turn off the PayPal option, so everyone who is registered can download the files. Since there isn't a transaction-log (without the PayPal-payment-option) I'm forced to use the 'Latest Visitors' in the cPanel to see which IP requested a photo (by size and url). There is a component called JoomlaWatch, but this doesn't log the actual click on a download-button. As you might understand, this isn't such a great alternative ;)

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As this is a commercial extension, I would strongly suggest you contact the developer of DatsoGallery. As much as a good question this may be, Stackoverflow isn't the best place for it ;) –  Lodder Apr 4 '13 at 15:13
Hi Lodder, Thank you for your reply. I already tried, but they won't make such adjustments just for single users. Once in every while they release updates for the component. Since the component is just amazing (and no alternative has the same amount of options), I was wondering if it's possible to adjust it, and how :) –  Joy Apr 4 '13 at 18:53
Hi Joy, the changes you require are probably possible however it often takes many hours to "understand" their methods and code structure. Where it gets complicated is when they update. You're then left in a situation where you can't update without loosing your changes or you have to reapply them, which again needs work. Having done this many times myself, I would recommend Lodder's suggestion. Where you may have more success is in convincing them that your suggestions are good for their product and get others to agree. If they have a forum, get active in it and get some extra support. –  BodgeIT Apr 8 '13 at 7:42

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