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Apologies if this has been asked, but the similar questions I found weren't answering my problem exactly.

I know how to take a single input and convert it into a string, and or anything hard coded. What I'm trying to do however is take multiple inputs and convert them into a single string.


Enter a letter: h
Enter a letter: e
Enter a letter: l
Enter a letter: l
Enter a letter: o

...and so on, however long it takes until the user inputs 's' for instance.

Enter a letter: s

And then the program prints all previous iterations as a single string.

Result: hello

How do I piece together a string from separate, potentially infinite inputs?

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you use str.join – mgilson Apr 4 '13 at 13:01

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How do I piece together a string from separate, potentially infinite inputs?

You can do this using


where inputs is any iterable of strings.

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Assuming your inputs result in a list (or any other iterable) of characters (or strings), as you would get from, for example:

mylist = []
while True:
   c = raw_input("Enter a letter:")
   if c == "s":

then you can simply join() them:

result = "".join(mylist) 
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''.join(iter(lambda: raw_input('Enter a letter: '), 's'))
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my_list = []

while len(my_list) == 0 or my_list[-1] != 's':
    my_list.append(raw_input("Enter a letter: "))

print ''.join(my_list[:-1])
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