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I'm having problem during XMLRPC call. The code is following:

$msg = new xmlrpcmsg(
        //Set user id
        new xmlrpcval($tableID, "int"),
        new xmlrpcval(
            "email"=> new xmlrpcval($searchEmail, "string"),

$response = $xmlrpc->send($msg);

When call happens, I get following error message (var_dumped):

public 'val' => int 0
  public 'valtyp' => null
  public 'errno' => int 2
  public 'errstr' => string 'Invalid return payload: enable debugging to examine incoming payload xmlrpc element I8 cannot be child of VALUE' (length=111)
  public 'payload' => null
  public 'hdrs' => 

Value of $tableID=3.
Value of $searchEmail=""

What I'm doing wrong?

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Anyone who has same problem should download updated version of library on this link.


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