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Im trying to create an associative array with objects, the key should always be a string (but they are always numbers). This is how i store them (recording user clicks):

App.Recording[currentTime.toString()] = {sound: buttonName.toLowerCase() };

When trying to do this:

var save = {};

save.recording = App.Recording;

I get this:

{"recording":[null, null,{"sound":"e"},null,null,null,.......,null,null,null,null,{"sound":"e"},....,null, null...]}

So, the toString() doesnt work on currentTime.toString(), which make my array store currentTime as numbers instead...

How can I save the objects and have an associative array?

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Have a look HERE first. There are no associative arrays in JS. Instead of an array, you should use an object with a for in loop.

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