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I am attempting to use OptionParser to read in multiple options and have them all act on a single filename. Ex: myprogram.rb -a -b file.txt How can I make 2 options share a mandatory argument while also allowing things like -h to run without parameters? Currently the above line just makes -a take -b as its parameter.

optionparser.on("-a FILENAME", "Do this") do |a|
  puts a
optionparser.on("-b FILENAME", "Do that") do |b|
  puts b


What it is doing:

myprogram.rb -a -b file.txt
=> -b

What I need it to do:

myprogram.rb -a -b file.txt
=> file.txt
=> file.txt


These commands should be able to run independently as well as concurrently similar to ls -a .., ls -l .. and ls -a -l .. However NEITHER command should work if there is no filename given. Ideally this solution should work with any n number of options.

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Docs reference… – AnthonyW Apr 4 '13 at 15:57

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What I have right now is:

optionparser.on("-a", "Do this") do |a|
  alpha = a
optionparser.on("-b", "Do that") do |b|
  beta = b
if alpha
  #do something with ARGV[0]
if beta
  #do something with ARGV[0]

This code assumes that after the options are taken, the only thing left on the command line should be the filename. I feel like there is a more elegant way of doing this that takes into account other things potentially cluttering the command line and allows error correction for them.

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