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My code here receives a value for bmpX and bmpY and uses them to draw a bitmap at that location on the screen. This works exactly as I want it to, but I would rather use the canvas.translate() function to handle the movement of the image, rather than just canvas.drawBitmap(), because I will be applying other draw elements to the canvas and I want them all to move the same amount and direction.

My question is: where can I move the canvas.drawBitmap() in the code so that it just draws onto the canvas at the start, but it is moved any time after that using canvas.translate() instead? Anywhere I place the code still freezes the image at that point where I draw it, regardless of how much I change the position of canvas.translate(). I'm imaging its possible to "stick" the image to the canvas, so to speak, and then move the canvas, which also moves the image with it.

public void run() {
        // TODO Auto-generated method stub
        while(isRunning) {
            if(!surfaceHolder.getSurface().isValid()) {

            canvas = surfaceHolder.lockCanvas();
            canvas.drawRGB(255, 255, 255);
            canvas.drawBitmap(bmp, bmpX-(bmp.getWidth()/2), 
                                     bmpY-(bmp.getHeight()/2), null);

            //canvas.translate(bmpX, bmpY);



I hope I explained my problem clearly enough. Thanks!

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Answering my own question here for clarity, afetr info I got offline. UI cannot be done on a thread like this, I needed to be using an android UI thread instead. runOnUIUpdatethread and async tasks

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