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I made an android app that connect to the facebook up the problem is that when a user click the Login Facebook button If His Facebook Application Platform is off, the program cant login and doesnt notify the user why.

How can I notify the user about this. and if there is a why the change this On/Off setting through android app?

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you can see my post. I am using Facebook 3.0.1 SDK there . If facebook application is open, user isn't required to enter his/her password and username again , just a permission is wanted in this case in order to share someting. If facebook application isn't open,it directs the user to the login page . You can refer to my post (Share via facebook/twitter application in android , don't open browser if facebook/twitter is installed on the device) and see how it's done by checking the accepted answer . I hope it helps

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Hey , by saying :"Facebook Application Platform is off" I dont mean if facebook app is installed in the device. this option is in the facebook user setting and if it set to off the user cant add/authorize a app that connect to facebook – Jumpy_Goat Jul 1 '13 at 5:04

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