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I am using self invoking anonymous functions to create objects and instances at the same time. The last created object overwrites property of first object. Why is that?

    LF = '<br/>'; //line feed

    // object a with property name
    !function () {
        window.a = this; // make global object

        this.name = 'a';

        document.write('inside: a.name=' + this.name + LF);

    // object b with property name
    !function () {
        window.b = this; // make global object

        this.name = 'b';

        document.write('inside: b.name=' + this.name + LF);

    document.write('outisde: ' + ' a.name=' + a.name + ' b.name=' + b.name + LF);



inside: a.name=a 
inside: b.name=b 
outisde: a.name=b b.name=b
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in addition to the answers. you could change your code this way to get it work: new function() { window.a= this; ... } –  t.niese Apr 4 '13 at 14:45

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Because in your case window === this and window === a and window === b. Read more here: http://unschooled.org/2012/03/understanding-javascript-this/

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thanks for the link to "this" article –  user2245072 Apr 4 '13 at 22:51

Inside both of your functions, this is window. So this.name references the same variable inisde both functions.

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