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select * into #transacTbl from tmpTrans
       (case when tmpT.TranStatus = 10
                select ID, 'Returned')
                select ID, 'GoodSale')
       select * from MainTransacSource
    ) as tmpT

I want to be able to insert the details of a transaction into a different table with a label if it is a returned or good sale/transaction. I did this to avoid the cursor so please avoid giving a solution using a cursor.

I know the code looks good but what I'm experiencing is that, the case statement only returns one value via subquery.

This is a simplified version of the code; I have at least 6 types of cases and should be able to insert by ROW. I hate to think that I have to repeat each case per column because the actual number of columns is about 38.

You may suggest another work-around if this doesn't fit the logic. Of course, without a cursor.

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Put a fiddle –  hd1 Apr 4 '13 at 14:50
If you have same logic repeated for different column, try using functions to achieve that. –  Borik Apr 4 '13 at 14:51
Hey buddy. did the answer solve your issue? if so, it's good practice to tick it. This helps future visitors and is good for the answerer. –  d'alar'cop Apr 13 '13 at 5:20

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Without access to your tables and not knowing more about what precisely you want to acheive, try something like this:

select * into #transacTbl from tmpTrans
   select tmpT.ID,
       (case when tmpT.TranStatus = 10
        then 'Returned'
        else 'GoodSale'
      (select * from MainTransacSource) as tmpT <OR simply MainTransacSource tmpT (maybe)>


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