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Is there a WPF control looking like a slider (or maybe Slider itself), that has both a minimum and maximum value instead of a single value to let the user select a range?

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You can use RangeSlider from AvalonControlsLibrary.


<avalon:RangeSlider RangeStart="0" RangeStop="100"

Where avalon is:


RangeSelectionChanged event hadler:

private void RangeSlider_RangeSelectionChanged(object sender, AC.AvalonControlsLibrary.Controls.RangeSelectionChangedEventArgs e)
    Console.WriteLine("e.NewRangeStart: " + e.NewRangeStart);
    Console.WriteLine("e.NewRangeStop: " + e.NewRangeStop); 
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The MahApps.Metro library provides a great RangeSlider control. Here is an example of them from the demo application:

Examples of range sliders from the demo application

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Slider bar has a property IsSelectionRangeEnabled. check the sample: http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/wpf/thread/a9eb8697-3ae4-4045-9508-a75d6168a8af/

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What i tried is placing two sliders one over he other, so it looks like a range slider Then, you can set the value, one slider for min and another for max,and add the logic for greater and smaller values. Hope it works, in this case you need not add any external third party library

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UPDATE: Avalon controls is the older predecessor to the WPF Extended Toolkit, which now includes the AvalonDock.

RangeSlider is part of the WPF Extended toolkit.

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