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I found the "Developer Guide" for RHEL version 6 located at: https://access.redhat.com/knowledge/docs/Red_Hat_Enterprise_Linux/ --> click on the Developer Guide link.

However when you scroll down further to the RHEL version 5 documentation I can't find an equivalent Developer Guide. Is there an equivalent Developer Guide for RHEL 5 documentation?

If there is not an equivalent Developer Guide in RHEL version 5 documentation, what RHEL 5 document/section talks about the 'Application Compatibility' (which covers things like API and ABI compatibility spanning major/minor releases*)?

* NOTE: in RHEL 6 the Applicaiton Compatibility is covered in Section 3.2 of the Developer Guide. (RHEL --> version 6 --> Developer Guide --> Section 3.2).

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There is no Developer Guide for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 and there is no direct equivalent either: the Developer Guide was introduced with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 as a completely new book. There is, however, a Knowledgebase article that provides a link to the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Application Compatibility Specification document.

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