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I have a problem running a Gurobi Optimization Model using a C#/.NET library through IronPython.

I have a method to access variables though their name (ie GRBModel.GetVarByName), something like

    public GRBVar variable(i,t)
            GRBModel M = getModel();
            string varname = varname(i,t);
            GRBVar var = M.GetVarByName(varname);
            return var;
        catch (GRBException ex)
            throw new GRBException(ex.ToString());

The problem is that on my IronPython script, when I try to access a non existing variable, nothing happens... the message doesnt appear on the console. What I'm doing wrong???

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When you throw in the catch clause, you do not need to create a new GRBException instance; throw; or throw ex; will automatically pass on the catch:ed exception. If you call the variable() method from C#, what is written to the console then? I don't have Gurobi so I cannot test, but as I mentioned in my answer I do believe that you should output ex.Message or ex.ErrorCode rather than ex.ToString(). – Anders Gustafsson Apr 5 '13 at 5:32

According to this page in the Gurobi .NET Reference Manual, GRBException inherits from the .NET Exception class. To obtain the error message from an Exception based class you should use the Message property rather than the ToString() method, which by default normally displays only the class name for reference classes.

In other words, change the catch clause to:

catch (GRBException ex)

Alternatively, you could output the ErrorCode property which is specific to the GRBException class.

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I think you're missing a return statement somewhere; if you catch the exception, the method does not return. (Doesn't the C# compiler error in that case?)

If this method is just for IronPython, you could just let the exception pass through to IronPython and deal with it there.

share|improve this answer mistake i forgot one line of code... – user20679 Apr 4 '13 at 20:46
I need to print de exception on console and terminate execution. Also, the application isnt inteded to run on IronPython... I need Ironpython just for testing issues... – user20679 Apr 4 '13 at 20:49

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