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In CI, I have a model...


class User_crud extends CI_Model {

var $base_url;
var $category;
var $brand;
var $filter;
var $limit;
var $page_number;

public function __construct($category, $brand, $filter, $limit, $page_number) {
    $this->base_url = base_url();
    $this->category = $category;
    $this->brand = $brand;
    $this->filter = $filter;
    $this->limit = $limit;
    $this->page_number = $page_number;

public function get_categories() {
    // output
    $output = "";
    // query
    $query = $this->db->get();
    // zero
    if ($query->num_rows() < 1) {
        $output .= "No results found";
        return $output;
    // result
    $output .= "<li><a class=\"name\">Categories</a></li>\n";
    foreach ($query->result_array as $row) {
        $output = "<li><a href=\"\">{$row['name']}</a></li>\n";
    return $output;

while I am calling this in my controller...


class Pages extends CI_Controller {

// home page

public function home() {

// products page

public function products($category = "cell phones", $brand = "all", $filter = "latest") {
    // loading

Now, How can I pass the $category, $brand and $filter variables to the user_crud model while loading/instantiation?

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You are confusing how MVC works... just pass the data to your model function. – Jakub Apr 4 '13 at 15:29
argh i started to post an answer and realized it might confuse you more. theres a bunch of issues with what you are doing, but really the best would be -- google "net tuts codeigniter" series. its a free tutorial series with videos and sample code. many of the tutorials are in codeigniter 1.7 but theres only a few small differences between it and CI 2. – cartalot Apr 4 '13 at 18:43
If you really need this functionality (which I don't see why), then you're better off writing libraries instead of models which would make your work much harder – ahmad Apr 4 '13 at 21:36

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You shouldn't be using your model like this, just pass the items you need for the functions you require:


$data['categories'] = $this->user_crud->get_categories($id, $category, $etc);

I would suggest (after seeing your code) that you study the fantastic codeigniter userguide as it has really good examples, and you just went a totally different way (treating model like an object). Its more simple sticking to how it was designed vs what you are doing.

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Right approach hmm. – Yousuf Memon Apr 5 '13 at 3:11

You can not. A better idea would be to setup some setters in your model class along with some private vars and set them after loading the model.

if you return $this from the setters you can even chain them together like $this->your_model->set_var1('test')->set_var2('test2');

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