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I have data that I use to create two data frames:

#Event csv
2013-04-03 22:59:05.061Z,A
2013-04-03 22:59:05.061Z,B
2013-04-03 22:59:07.109Z,C
2013-04-03 22:59:07.115Z,D
2013-04-03 22:59:07.209Z,E

# Performance data
box1;1;2013-04-03 22:59:02 UTC;-1;10.53;0.00;2.01;0.50;0.00;86.97
box1;1;2013-04-03 22:59:03 UTC;-1;0.25;0.00;0.00;0.00;0.00;99.75
box1;1;2013-04-03 22:59:04 UTC;-1;0.00;0.00;0.25;0.25;0.00;99.50
box1;1;2013-04-03 22:59:05 UTC;-1;10.72;0.00;1.00;0.25;0.00;88.03
box1;1;2013-04-03 22:59:06 UTC;-1;10.67;0.00;10.67;0.00;0.25;78.41
box1;1;2013-04-03 22:59:07 UTC;-1;5.01;0.00;9.02;3.51;0.00;82.46
box1;1;2013-04-03 22:59:08 UTC;-1;12.28;0.00;11.53;4.26;0.25;71.68
box1;1;2013-04-03 22:59:09 UTC;-1;15.88;0.00;11.66;10.92;0.50;61.04

Now I am trying to plot these two dataframes using ggplot by overlaying data from events over performance data.

# This works
perfomance <- read.csv("performance.csv", header=TRUE,sep=";")
perfomance$timestamp <- as.POSIXlt(perfomance$timestamp)
p <- ggplot(data=performance, aes(x=timestamp, y=idle)) + geom_line()

Which produces

 Graph of cpu idle over time

Now, getting to overlay the events data is problematic. Here's what I have tried

> p + geom_point(data=events, aes(colour=factor(event)))
Error in eval(expr, envir, enclos) : object 'idle' not found

> p + geom_point(data=events, aes(colour=factor(event)), inherit.aes = FALSE)
Error: geom_point requires the following missing aesthetics: x, y

> p + geom_point(data=events, aes(x=timestamp, colour=factor(event)), inherit.aes = FALSE)
Error: geom_point requires the following missing aesthetics: y

How can I get some markers on the graph that show the events as an overlay? I don't care about their Y coordinate. I need them to be visible.

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For the data frame events what is ggplot supposed to use as a y value for each point? Because you haven't supplied any, it's assuming it's going to use the same variable as from the other data frame, idle, and that variable doesn't exist in events. –  joran Apr 4 '13 at 15:39
Maybe this (not tested) : p + geom_point(data=events, aes(colour=factor(event),x=timestamp,y=25)) ? –  juba Apr 4 '13 at 15:40
Unfortunately, there's no Y value in the supplied csv. The event column just says at timestamp 1, we did action X on some program, at timestamp2, we did action Y... Is there a way to plot something at the X value (a vertical line perhaps?) Or should I attempt to merge the two data frames into one? –  Lmwangi Apr 4 '13 at 15:43
Lots of options. juba suggested simply setting a single y value for each one. Or you could use geom_vline (remember that it expects xintercept not x aesthetic). Or merging, but that seems the most complicated to me. –  joran Apr 4 '13 at 15:47
@Juba: Your solution works... Though, is it possible to get the y coordinate of the point to be intelligently placed by R instead of hard coded to 25? –  Lmwangi Apr 4 '13 at 15:58

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Try something like this using geom_vline:

p + geom_vline(linetype=4, aes(colour=factor(event),xintercept = timestamp) )
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Also blogged about your solution: andorian.blogspot.com/2013/04/… –  Lmwangi Apr 5 '13 at 7:55

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