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I am a newbie in Java server/client based applications. I wanted to create a chat application in Java, which I know it is a server/client based.

I am having problem reading more than one sentence from the client. the only sentence read by the server is the first sentence from the client. I am posting both my Server and client codes respectively:

$public class Server {

// member variables
public int cnum =0; // clients counter, the number of clients connected, will used in future steps
public int clientPortNum = -1;  // will be used in binding a port to specific clients for trace
public static PrintWriter writeOut;
public static BufferedReader readIn;
// main method
public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException {
    // variables/ objects declerations
    int portNum = 8888;         // port number for server to listen on
    ServerSocket ss = null;     // Server socket
    Socket cs = null ;           // client socket
    String inMsg, outMsg;       // used to convert/print messages between client and server to console
    int count = 0;              // used to control while loop // debugging purpose

    // keep listening for connections
    ss = new ServerSocket(portNum);
    System.out.println("Server is listening on port "+portNum);

    // accept connection from client and start sending/receiving messages
        cs = ss.accept();
        writeOut = new PrintWriter(cs.getOutputStream(), true);
        readIn = new BufferedReader (new InputStreamReader(cs.getInputStream()));
        Scanner serverWrite = new Scanner(System.in);   // read from console to exchange messages

        System.out.println("Server connected to client is listening on port "+portNum);
        writeOut.format("%s \n", "Hello There! can I help you?");

        char[] clientStream = new char[5000];
        int bytesRead = readIn.read(clientStream);
        inMsg = String.copyValueOf(clientStream,0, bytesRead );

        while (count <= 4){ // this should be infinite loop, but I limited it to 4

            inMsg = String.copyValueOf(clientStream,0, bytesRead );
            //System.out.println(inMsg);    //debugging
            if (inMsg.equals(null)){    // checking for empty strings from client to exit conversation
                outMsg ="Server Saying good bye";
            else {
                //inMsg = String.copyValueOf(clientStream );
                System.out.println("Client: "+inMsg);
             }// end else
            outMsg = serverWrite.next();
            writeOut.printf("%s %s\n","Server:" ,outMsg);
        }// end while 

    }catch (IOException e){
        System.out.println("Connection with client FAILD");
    }// end try-catch

    // once finish from connection, close
    terminateConnections(cs, ss);

}// end of main 

public static void terminateConnections(Socket s, ServerSocket ss) throws IOException{
    System.out.println("from Server class connection is terminated");
}   }// end of class

while the client side is:

$public class Client {
public static PrintWriter writeOut;
public static BufferedReader readIn;

public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException{

     // client socket
    Socket connectToServer = null;
    boolean flag = true;    // flage used to control WHILE loop
    char[] inBuff = new char[5000];  // char buffer to store bytes read from server
    int bytesRead;          // number of bytes read from buffer char[] inBuff
    String toMsg, fromMsg;  // for converting message from sockets to console

    // creating socket to request connection to the server, once connected successfully
    // the following msg show-up "Hello there...CONNECTED to server"

        connectToServer= new Socket("localhost", 8888);
        if (connectToServer.isConnected())    
            System.out.println("Hello there...CONNECTED to server");

    } catch (IOException e){    // if connection failed to server, handl
        System.out.println("Unable to connect to server on port 8888");

    // creating Input/Output tools on the socket to write/read from the socket
    writeOut = new PrintWriter(connectToServer.getOutputStream(), true);
    readIn =new BufferedReader( new InputStreamReader(connectToServer.getInputStream()));

    // read from the client over the console from keyboard and then copy 
    //the mesgs to the PrintWriter writeOut to flush it through the socket
    Scanner keyboard = new Scanner(System.in);  

    // used to read from the Server, and convert it to a STRING to be printed on the console
    while( flag){
        bytesRead = readIn.read(inBuff);

        fromMsg = String.copyValueOf(inBuff, 0, bytesRead);
        System.out.println("Server: "+fromMsg); // Server: Hello There ! can I help you 

    //keep on exchange messages with server untill count is = 6 
        /* I have a problem with the client side, no updated keyboard input show on the other side(server)
         * unfortuantely, only the 1st msg from the user is accepted and passed thru the socket
         * the rest only reflected on the Client console, but the Server cannot display any, just repeats the 1st
         * msg from the client recieved in the beginning of the conversation
        toMsg = keyboard.next();
        System.out.println("Customer: "+toMsg);
        // reading back form the server
        //bytesRead = readIn.read(inBuff);
        //fromMsg = String.copyValueOf(inBuff, 0, bytesRead);

       Client.terminateConn(connectToServer);    }//end of main

public static void terminateConn(Socket s)throws IOException {
    writeOut.format("closing connection with server");

} }// end of class

I commented on the client code where I have my problems. If you would try my code you would understand what I am talking about. I want some suggestions of what could it be my problem? what am I doing wrong?

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Have a look here at an example using JMS to create a chat application, you'll need an application server (I'd recommend glassfish)

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Thanks for th effort David –  YAMANI Apr 5 '13 at 12:08

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