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Maybe this is a newbie question, how to set grid layout to full screen ?

My current code is :

    var container = new qx.ui.container.Composite().set({
        decorator: "main",
        backgroundColor: "yellow",
        allowGrowX: false,
        allowGrowY: false
    var layout = new qx.ui.layout.Grid(2,2);

    var w1 = new qx.ui.core.Widget();
    var w2 = new qx.ui.core.Widget();
    var w3 = new qx.ui.core.Widget();
    var w4 = new qx.ui.core.Widget();

    container.add(w1, {row: 0, column: 0});
    container.add(w2, {row: 0, column: 1});
    container.add(w3, {row: 1, column: 0});
    container.add(w4, {row: 1, column: 1});
    container.set({backgroundColor : "white"});
    this.getRoot().add(container, {edge: 0});

What did I miss ? It occupies only small part of the browser .

p.s. I am working on qx.Desktop.

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What about

allowGrowX: true,
allowGrowY: true

?! (Just think of the names).

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To make the Grid layout occupy full screen, I have to add :

layout.setRowFlex(1, 1);
layout.setColumnFlex(1, 1);

after var layout = new qx.ui.layout.Grid(2,2); .

The code is to set the width & height of the grid at (1,1) of the Grid Layour flexible. For function setRowFlex() or setColumnFlex() , the 1st parameter is the index of the grid, while second parameter sets whether the grid has flexible width / height ( 1 = Flexible , 0 = Fixed )

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