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I have problem with jsoup html parsing in android. I have this html:

<div class="bd-start-time">13:05<a name="channel-2-hour-12"></a></div>

I get all Elements with div class bd-start-time. I want to get only Elements with <a name="channel-2-hour-12"></a> and <div class="bd-start-time">. I´m sure, its an easy trick, but i cant find solution. Thanks for help.


Because my question wasnt clear enough, i try to explain it again. There are many <div class="bd-start-time">. I want to get only divs with this child <a name="channel-2-hour-12"></a>. And then from those divs, get the time 13:05. Thanks in advance

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This question is not entirely clear for me.

Maybe you want to use. Element child() method and ownText()

Element divElement = doc.select(".bd-start-time").first();
Element aElement = divElement.child(0);
String time = divElement.ownText();
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Yes, thanks. You helped me a lot. Sorry for my poor English. There are many ´<div class="bd-start-time">´, but i need only this one, that have children with <a name="channel-2-hour-12"></a>. I edited also my question. –  Vojtaaa9 Nov 3 '13 at 14:14

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