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I found an interesting gist on GitHub, tried it out, and found a bug. I noticed that there are several forks of the gist, so I wondered if any of them have fixed the bug I found. I can see the list of forks, and some of them are marked as modified, but I can't see how to tell what the differences are between the forks and the original. Is there a way to view the diffs?

As an example, I found a Markov text generator. I can see the list of forks, but each one just shows the current version.

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It wasn't too hard, but it took me a while to realize what I was looking at. The revisions of a fork include the revisions of the original, so you can see the differences by looking at any revisions after the gist was forked.

For example, Eckanakar's fork has several revisions that you can see changes in.

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