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I am not too familiar with Eigen library and I am stuck at this piece of code

motor1_to_motor2 =
        * AngleAxisf(M_PI_2, Vector3f::UnitX())
        * AngleAxisf(M_PI_2, Vector3f::UnitY());

motor1_to_motor2 is Eigen::Affine3f Big::ApeLeg::distance... must return a float number

But my issue is what is Translation3f and what is AngleAxisf. What do they do? And what do they return?

I am familiar with some basic transformations. I would really appreciate if someone can give me any pointers? Thanks

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As its name stands, a Translation3f represents a 3D translation using floats. An AngleAxisf represents a 3D rotation of given angle around given axis. Both are class constructors, not functions.

motor1_to_motor2 is thus an affine transformation applying a rotation around Y followed by a rotation around X and finally a translation along the X axis.

This doc should give you a good introduction on space transformations in Eigen.

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