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I'm looking for a WinForm.Net chart control that has more feature on user interactivity. A few specific thing that I have in mind:

  • Multiple selection of the bars/bubble
  • Drag-drop support of the bars/bubble out of the chart control
  • Auto highlight on mouse-hover

Any suggestion.


~ Eric

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Have you tried Nevron chart for .net? They also have a community edition, but I'm not sure if the free control would support all of the requirements you've listed. –  user4292082 Apr 7 at 14:20

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  1. Multiple selection of the bars/bubble
  2. Drag-drop support of the bars/bubble out of the chart control (IN CODE)
  3. Auto highlight on mouse-hover

Regarding 1. and 2.: If you are speaking about the runtime experience, then you have to code these features yourself.

Almost all major control vendors (devexpress, telerik, infragistics, and others) provide these 3 abilities...

The telerik controls are nice and slick these days.

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You may want to consider Super 2d/3d Graph Library from Software Siglo XXI (it's royalty-free and it's very cheap).


  • More than 45 different chart styles (2D, 3D, XYZ, Combo, Gauge, Gantt, Radar, ...)
  • Databinding and Excel support
  • Zoom and Panning support
  • Formula plotting in 3D (scatter, lines, tri-surface, quad-surface)
  • Surface chart from random XYZ points (uses Delaunay triangulation algorithm)
  • Support for PDF and SVG formats
  • Support for standard bitmap formats (PNG, TIFF, BMP, GIF and JPG)
  • Support for high quality animated GIF on-the-fly creation
  • Very easy to use and deploy - Only one assembly file (1 dll)
  • Well documented - online tutorials and 184 page developer reference
  • ClearType support and automatic antialiasing
  • Additional calculations (average, pareto, maximum, max/min values, trend lines, ...)
  • Full featured run-time context menu
  • Customize any aspect of the chart (font, texts, alignment, colors, fills, ...)
  • Source code available in Enterprise License
  • Responsive Support and Free Maintenance included in license price
  • and many more great features! (go to Features page for more information)
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