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I have been developing a wx.python application. at some point i need to create a fullscreen, no taskbar, etc. wx.Frame which has exactly the size of the screen and display in it a bimap which has exactly the dimensions of the screen, so one pixel of the bitmap equals exactly one pixel of the screen.
everything has been working fine (on dvi/vga/hdmi monitors) up to the time when i pluged in displayport monitor. the monitor is detected by wxwidgets to be lower resolution than it actually is, so the bitmap goes off the screen. EDID still detects valid resolution so it is for sure wxwidgets related issue. when i use wx.DisplaySize - it returns lower resolution than is actually set. i also tried to create the bitmap according to the wx.DisplaySize() output but then, as expected, when i try to light up one pixel, its neighbours are changed too. (some sort of scalling occurs). similar issue occurs when i plug a projector.

have any of you had simmilar symptomes? how to deal with it?

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Correct EDID values does not necessarily mean that the system is running it in that display mode. Have you checked the system's display properties or screen resolution properties to ensure that the system is driving the display at its full resolution? Your symptoms sound to me like it is running at a lower resolution and the display is stretching it to fill the full screen.

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yes. the display works in full resolution. confirmed with the control panel settings. – Chris Apr 6 '13 at 6:48
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So i found the solution of the problem. It is because when I was plugging the different monitor - for some reason the DPI was changing. Adjusting the settings in the windows display control panel did the thing.

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