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Is there any way to get a list of currently visible items in QAbstractItemView? And, if it possible, to receive any notifications about changing of this list.

Upd: I'm asking exactly about QAbstractItemView or QTreeView with non-plain structure, not QTableView.

Upd2: I'm implementing tree view model with checkboxes. I want next behavior (same for checking/uncheking):

  • If one of checkbox is checked - then all childs must be checked
  • If all child checkboxes are checked - then parent check box should be checked too. And same for parent of parent, and so on...

Check state are monitored/modified by external data source, so I need a mechanism to update all changed children/parents. dataChanged signal is not enough for me because it is very expansive to build a list of all changed QModelIndex for updating. And it is not necessary at all, because all fresh data will be picked from QAbstractItemModel::data.

I found next dirty hack to update all items: emit dataChanged( QModelIndex(), QModelIndex() ); but it's undocumented for invalid indexes.

So, I need a way to force all visible items redraw they content with fresh data.

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You can get the topleft and bottom right cell by calling:


To get notification of change, reimplement the virtual function of qabstractscrollarea


This function is called when the view port is scrolled. call QTableView::scrollContentsBy and then do whatever you need to.

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I'm not asking about simple QTableView, it's clear for me... I'm asking about custom tree-based view with my own items delegate. Scroll notofication are not enough because they will not cover expand and collapse events. –  SaZ Apr 5 '13 at 15:04
You can still use the indexAt to get the indices in the viewport. And connect scroll expand and collapse signals to a slot that will recalculate the indices. I think if you don't wanna do something dirty, like intercept the paint method, then connecting to all existing signals that change the viewport is the way to go. –  Min Lin Apr 5 '13 at 15:47
indexAt is not acceptable, because I use QTreeView and some of items doesn't fit all row. See update of original question. –  SaZ Apr 5 '13 at 17:20
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I think that there are no cases where list of visible items is requred. In case of correct model implementation all items are updated automatically. Hard part of implementation - force children and parents to update. I wrote following code:

bool TreeModel::setData( const QModelIndex &index, const QVariant &value, int role )
case Qt::CheckStateRole:
            TreeItemList updateRangeList;  // Filled with items, in which all childred must be updated
            TreeItemList updateSingleList; // Filled with items, which must be updated
            item->setCheckState( value.toBool(), updateRangeList, updateSingleList ); // All magic there
            foreach ( TreeAbstractItem *i, updateRangeList )
                const int nRows = i->rowCount();
                QModelIndex topLeft = indexForItem( i->m_childs[0] );
                QModelIndex bottomRight = indexForItem( i->m_childs[nRows - 1] );
                emit dataChanged( topLeft, bottomRight );
            foreach ( TreeAbstractItem *i, updateSingleList )
                QModelIndex updateIndex = indexForItem( i );
                emit dataChanged( updateIndex, updateIndex );
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For QTreeView, the list of visible items can be traversed like this:

QTreeView& tv (yourTreeView);

// Get model index for first visible item
QModelIndex modelIndex = tv.indexAt(tv.rect().topLeft());

while (modelIndex.isValid())
    // do something with the item indexed by modelIndex
    // This navigates to the next visible item
    modelIndex = tv.indexBelow(modelIndex);
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There may be no index at top-left. It depends on style paddings / delegates implementation and other stuff. –  SaZ Mar 14 at 9:14

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