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I use Flex Builder 3 and SOAP WebService on the server side. I know how to do a basic authorization of the client app (using httpHeaders), but I can't solve the problem of how to kill the browser dialog box (username, password) when the client have done an incorrect authorization.

I handle the faultEvent.FAULT event, but the reaction on this event takes place only after the appearance of browser dialog box :(

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Why are you using a browser dialog instead of your own?

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Hello, Richard! I use my own dialog! And if a user passes correct username and password then all goes well! After an incorrect pair (name, password) I'm ready to handle a fault event and to show an input form ones again, but a browser dialog appears before my reaction... If I press Esc after it, the browser dialog disappears and the user sees my own dialog ones again... I don't want to see the browser dialog at all... Are any advices? Thanks! – Antonio Oct 20 '09 at 16:44

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