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How can I show a progresscircle, until my whole activity did load? (Did load means, loading the activity and do some functions which need around 1-2 seconds)?

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You might want to look at this image to get an idea:

enter image description here

That's an Activity's lifecycle.

A nice way to do it would be to make the ProgressBar visible at the very start of onCreate() and make it invisible (or GONE) at the end of onResume(). Make sure you inflate the layout before accessing it though, or you'll run into errors.

(More information about Activities: Click here.)


Maybe it's not a bad idea to use an AsyncTask for those long functions. Pass the ProgressBar to the task's constructor, then set the ProgressBar's visibility to VISIBLE in the onPreExecute function, and to GONE in the onPostExecute function.

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They should usually be done via AsyncTask. Just remember to cancel the task to make sure onPostExecute does not happen after onPause. –  Edison Apr 4 '13 at 17:42

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