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I've involved myself so much in NavigationControllers that I've become kinda ignorant with other options. Here's what I want to accomplish, I've built Subclassed ViewControllers to Push via NavigationController that works pretty fine.

However, to avoid the Idea of going back and getting to a new view doesn't fit for quick access since this is about calculator, I came up with using SegmentedControl.

I added UISegmentControl to the NavigationBar. What I want to accomplish, is on tapping of a segment, The Calculator1ViewController Loads below the NavigationBar. And on tapping another Segment, the previous ViewController is unloaded and a different "Calculator2ViewController" is loaded.

I'm not quite sure how to do it, loadFromNib may not work too well, because I'm using custom ViewControllers.

Any suggestions would be great help.

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You might be better off making it a single view controller, and just swapping out the views.

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