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Current spring MVC application integrate i18n and JSTL for constant String message/labels. Here has some work around needed to get the code template in the service layer, so that can pack all label values in String ArrayList

for example:

in message.properties, there are list of properties:



Now in service layer I need to break down above task.list and take the code template task_[value](this is format from JSTL, but not sure this works in Java code) to put all breakdowns as String ArrayList:

{"Start", "Order", "Finish"}

In my code I already have:

String taskString;

List<String> tasks= new ArrayList<String>();

public void init() {
    String[] taskArray = taskString.split(",");
    for(String task:taskArray){
            // need match code template here

Above code need template match to inject exact property value instead of property name into the list, but how to achieve this, just like in JSTL?

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You just inject MessageSource and and use one of its getMessage methods like:

private MessageSource messageSource;

    String task = ...;
    String code = messageSource.getMessage("task_["+ task +"]", LocaleContextHolder.getLocale());
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That's great, thanks ! –  Dreamer Apr 5 '13 at 14:07
a little add up to @madhead's answer: I use "task_"+ task instead of "task_["+ task +"]" and it works fine... –  Dreamer Apr 5 '13 at 15:11

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