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What I want to do is to pause my carousel when hovering with the mouse over ANOTHER div. I tried to use jQuery and .hover for this:

$('#running-box, #bg-car').carousel({})

        $("bg-car").carousel({interval: false});

But it isn't working. The reason I took interval:false is another post from here, also this won't work:

$('#running-box, #bg-car').carousel({})


I mastered every bootstrap stuff, fading transitions, affixing my menu but this simply won't work. Live Demo: http://mentsik.eu/kerek/

This is just a test site for testing Bootstrap. My Javascript is like in the examples, in an own applications.js

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Just an fyi, but your example has $('bg-car') when you probably mean $('.bg-car') or $('#bg-car'). That could be 1 reason it doesn't work. –  lucuma Apr 4 '13 at 18:23

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Assuming #running-box is the element you want to use as the hover target AND #bg-car is the one with the carousel, the following will work:

    function() {

Please note your example has bg-car without a period or #.

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Holy Moly, my tired eyes... sorry my bad... –  Gergely Mentsik Apr 4 '13 at 22:03

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